We’ve Moved! Please Note New Contact Information

We've Moved!  Please Note New Contact Information

New phone #: (609) 395-1972
New address: 70 South Main Street, Suite 2A, Cranbury, NJ 08512

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Opening of Team Walker Learning Center Is Dream Come True for Jerry Walker

The Team Walker Learning Center, a culmination of years of dreaming by community leader Jerry Walker, becomes a reality on Saturday, May 17th, when the building has a grand opening dedication and celebration.

Press Release (pdf).


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Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~ Robin Williams

Do My MarketingYes, in Spring it’s time to plan your warm-weather events! Let us help you make a memorable fundraising event that your guests want to attend year after year.

We have many years of experience in fundraising events and among our staff, many years of event experience. Why not give us a call to arrange a free consultation? 201-939-8601.

Let’s party! 🙂

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Summer is Prime Billboard Season

Billboard design

One of our billboard designs!

Summer is coming soon and it’s when most Americans are traveling. In fact, the middle two weeks of August are the most travelled weeks of the year!

Start planning your billboard ads now. Billboard ads are not as expensive as you may think! At PIP we can design and book your billboard(s) but the time to act is now!

Call us for a free consultation any time at 201-939-8601.  pip website qr code BW

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Rain Contingency – Do You Have One?

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 10.22.07 AMI once went to an outdoor wedding that was planned for an early September day. But a squall came through bringing freezing rain and dropped the outdoor temperature by 30 degrees! The happy couple had no contingency, and guests were wet and cold throughout the entire ceremony and reception! And right next door was a catering hall, which they had not thought to book in case it rained!

If PIP is planning your outdoor event, whether it be a fundraiser or a expo, you can rest assured we’ve provided for a contingency in case of inclement weather. Call us for a free consultation at 201-939-8601! 

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Make Your Summer Event Memorable

BaloonMan3@300CMYKWhat makes your donors return year after year to your outdoor event? The fact that last year’s event was fun and memorable.

At PIP we can take an ordinary fundraiser and make it memorable. We have thousands of resources and a staff of experienced event planners to come up with ideas that will ‘wow’ your attendees and make them talk about you. The enthusiasm draws even more participants year after year.

Call us for a free consultation 201-939-8601! 

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“A-thon” Season is Coming!


The Walk for Team Walker

Last Year’s Start Line!

Walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, races, runs, picnics etc. Spring, summer and fall are the seasons for outdoor fundraisers.

Have you planned yours yet? If not, why not talk to us about executing your event. After all, that’s what we do (among other things) and we’ve got over 8 years experience! Be able to enjoy your event and your guests while we do the work of making everything run smoothly.

Call us any time for a free consultation! 201-939-8601.

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Summer is Coming … Is Your Golf Outing Planned?

Summer is coming, is your golf outing fundraiser planned? Golf outings can be a Ball and cupsubstantial chunk of your donated funds each year. But the execution of the event can be exhausting. Why not let us do that while you enjoy the event and your guests?

At PIP we can make your golf outing fundraiser a hole-in-one! Call us at 201-939-8601 for a free consultation!

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Eliminating Event Planning Stress

In the list of the most stressful jobs of 2012, Event Coordinator was at number 6. Just so you understand that; number 5 is Police Officer. Number 4 is Military General!

Here’s a few tips on reducing your stress while planning your event:

–      Break down the event into five or six segments
–      Use to-do software, app, or an on line program for reminders
–      Accept that everything will not go as planned
–      Do not micro-manage – delegate to a team

Be sure on the day of the event that you personally have absolutely no tasks to accomplish and let your team take the reigns (after all, you’ve communicated your needs to them right?). Don’t be a micro-manager and you’ll sleep well!

Positive Impact Partners: 201-939-8601

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Going on a Blind Date?

Exhibiting at events is much like a blind date. You’re putting yourself out on the walkway and waiting for strangers to stroll by and like what you’ve got to offer. If you were going on a blind date, you’d wear your best outfit, get your hair done, and brush the lint off your jacket, right?

niceboothVendor exhibitions are the ‘outfit’ and ‘physical presentation’ of your company and/or its products. So why not put on your best dress and most flattering makeup?

If you need help creating a client-gathering expo booth, tent or other presentation area, why not call us. We know how to do that! We’ll create your graphics, layout, speaker plan and branding to make your booth stand out visually among the crowd.

Positive Impact Partners – 201-939-8601.  

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