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Brochure Design – Before You Start

You’re hiring an agency because  you don’t have the time, the skill or the resources to design a marketing piece yourself. But without some preparation on your part, it could be a costly project. Here are some pre-design tips that … Continue reading

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The Importance of Targeting Your Audience with Advertising

Positive Impact Partners knows that marketing and advertising budgets are tight for many professionals and small businesses. That’s why we have been working on target advertising for its clients. We recently put together a 26-week buy for Marano Eye Care … Continue reading

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How do you track the effectiveness of your advertising?

All of us like to believe that we make the best decisions when allocating our advertising budgets. But how do you really know?  If the goal of your ads is to drive new business, you’ve simply got to determine which … Continue reading

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A Morning Walk is Raising Money for Kids in Jersey City

Positive Impact Partners has been working with Team Walker, a grass roots community organization in Jersey City founded by former Seton Hall University basketball star Jerry Walker, for the past three years. Walker does great work for a base of … Continue reading

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The Advertising Shift to Internet and Mobile Phones

95% of teens and 77% of adults in North America use the internet. 36% of your daily media consumption is online (most people I know, it’s more). So, why are companies still spending less than 20% of their advertising budgets … Continue reading

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Tips for planning a good email campaign:

Set a goal for each of your email campaigns. What do you want your messages to do? Do you want direct sales? Do you want to just keep your name in front of your customers? Plan your copy and photos … Continue reading

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Apparel Marketing Can Boost Sales

When it comes to merchandise that can best promote your brand, image, team or event, Positive Impact Partners knows what to wear! We have assisted many schools, organizations, businesses and non-profits, including West Point (Army athletics), DePaul University, Saint Peter’s … Continue reading

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Positive Impact Partners is Driving Large Messages

Positive Impact Partners has an eye for large format graphics. The graphics team recently wrapped a bus for the Saint Peter’s College Athletic Department that was not only had a very smart graphic but was a good luck charm. The … Continue reading

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Choosing Colors for your Marketing Materials and Branding

How do you choose colors for your marketing materials that will be appropriate? Think first about your products or services and then about who you are marketing to. Are you trying to reach executives or buyers? Consumers or manufacturers? Parents … Continue reading

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Walk Season is Approaching! We’re Planning Walks for ALS!

Positive Impact Partners is proud to be the Event Planner for the upcoming walk season in New York and New Jersey for the ALS Association of Greater New York. We start with the first walk on May 1st in Woodbridge, … Continue reading

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