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Mobile Marketing – An Efficient Means to Reach a Competitive Market

SmartPhones are on the rise! New subscribers jump in every year and that trend is far from slowing down. This opens up new avenues for marketers and advertisers to utilize. Mobile marketing took off with the creation of the Mobile … Continue reading

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Are Websites Losing Weight?

Have you noticed that web sites are going long and skinny again? Well it’s not your imagination. But they are not on a diet – they are getting skinnier to accommodate smaller monitors, such as Ipads and Netbooks ­ even … Continue reading

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Be a Power Partner – FUSE your marketing efforts.

When I walked into the nail salon the other day to get a manicure, I found a $2-off coupon on the counter for my favorite pizzeria in town. The next day I went to get lunch at the Pizzeria, and … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Brand

A brand is a very important element today. Sure we all know about the monster brands – Coke, Pepsi, Google, McDonald’s, Apple, and the thousands of others that represent a product or service. But it is also very important for … Continue reading

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