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SEO and Your Need to Know

When you want to find out certain information through the internet where do you go? Google? Bing? Yahoo!? Whichever search engine you prefer, the same rules usually apply. Pages and pages of results will be located for you – and … Continue reading

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Summer = Exposure!

The heat is finally here! Summer is underway and we were greeted this year with a heat wave. But don’t let the heat keep you out of the summer fun. Take a day from your busy life and get outdoors. … Continue reading

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The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector

Many non-profits use their brands primarily as a fundraising tool, but an increasing number are developing a broader and more strategic approach by using their brands to create greater social impact. Non-profit brands are visible everywhere. Amnesty International, Habitat for … Continue reading

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Gaping While Driving?

Texting while driving may not be lawful, but gaping at billboards is still in style. Here’s a photo of a recent billboard we made for Jag Physical Therapy, which is up and grabbing attention on Route 10 in Livingston NJ. … Continue reading

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School is Just Beginning for Staff

Students may soon be letting out for summer, but the search for new schools for this fall’s students is in full swing. A common misconception is that since schools provide a necessity, there is no need to market the school. … Continue reading

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Get Fans in the Stands

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are helping to fill empty seats at sporting events.  The teams and organizations attract fans by having them voluntarily join their Facebook page or to follow them on Twitter. This allows the promoters … Continue reading

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I’ll bet that got your attention. “Free” is the most powerful word in a marketer’s vocabulary. Most viral marketing programs give away valuable products or services to attract attention. Free e-mail services, free information, free “cool stuff,” free software programs … Continue reading

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