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Five Things NOT TO DO When E-Marketing

One thing everyone dislikes is a ‘bait-and-switch” tactic in electronic communications. I’m sure we’ve all gotten SPAM emails that have one subject line but produce a totally different message. Or no message at all. Here are five tips to eliminate … Continue reading

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Are Brochures Still Relevant in Marketing Today?

Yes, brochures are still a viable and extremely effective promotional tool. The secret of their success lies in the fact that they combine information a visual impression. Whether your brochure is a printed piece or a ‘soft’ copy like a … Continue reading

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QR Codes – All Dressed Up!

You’ve probably noticed QR (quick response) codes appearing more and more on the printed materials and direct mail you receive. These codes are made for cell phone or scanner usage. You can use a downloaded application on your “smart phone” … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Before the holidays get by us … we wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

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Put On Those Pounds!

Have you ever wondered why paper is rated by pounds? Or what is the difference between 80# stock and 100# stock? It’s tension. How may pounds of tension will the paper withstand. The thicker the paper, of course, the more … Continue reading

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To Join the Gang or Not to Join

Have you ever wondered how those online printing companies can offer such low prices? It’s called “ganging.” These companies have huge room-size print machines that can take paper a room wide. What they do is put your job, plus jobs … Continue reading

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Where Do Your Donations Come From?

Did you know that users of Gmail, Safari and Mac OS averaged more per donation than users of their technology counterparts? Based on the analysis of more than 320,000 donations across 165,000 users, the largest average gifts are sent by … Continue reading

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Social Media and You!

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all popular social media sites commonly used for social interaction, business networking, and business promotions.  Since the web allows us to use these mediums for free, and promote content that can get “viral” attention, it … Continue reading

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