Ol’ MacDonald had a Plan … I.E.E.O.

The layout and design of your newsletter, print or electronic must be visually engaging, but the information you deliver is equally important. Effective messaging “interrupts” and engages the prospect, educates and offers additional information to facilitate decision-making, and lowers the risk of taking the next step. These components – Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer (IEEO) – combine to create a powerful formula for marketing success.

INTERRUPT: In the Interrupt stage of your piece, you are challenged with getting your target audience to “wake up” and pay attention to what you have to offer or say. Appeal to their “hot buttons” – those things that are a challenge to them.

ENGAGE: To Engage the prospect, use a graphic or subheading to promise information is forthcoming that will help the reader make the best decision possible. Position yourself as the expert and source of the solution to the problem to get them to keep reading.

EDUCATE: It is now time to Educate the reader, turning the corner from an emotional sell to a logical sell. Create relevance by framing what you are offering as a solution, using the “what’s in it for me” approach. Prove that you offer the best value available by presenting convincing facts and sharing evidence that you are the only possible source to meet the prospect’s needs.

OFFER: The final step is to compel the reader to take action via an Offer. Present a low-risk way to take the next step. Offer a special report or informational brochure, or to schedule a personal consultation. The prospective client must feel in control as you nudge them closer to the final purchasing decision.

At Positive Impact Partners (PIP), we can create your newsletters – print or electronic – that visually eye-catching but I.E.E.O. constructed as well! Just call us any time for a free consultation!

– Danielle Fry, Director of Creative Services


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