Choosing the Right Firm

Do you have a bland brochure that does a poor job of motivating prospects to do business with you, or even pip Portfolio cover snapshotworse, no brochure at all?

Your brochure is the first hand-to-hand marketing piece a prospect sees when meeting you, and you have only a few seconds to grab their attention. That’s why choosing the right firm to design your brochure can mean the difference between just another expensive piece of paper, or a brochure that motivates prospects to take action.

If you had a brochure like that, what kind of Positive Impact could it have on your company? Could it increase your sales by 10 percent, 20 percent, or even 50 percent or more?

Can your company benefit from a brochure that informs, motivates or persuades your prospects to do business with you? Call us at 201-939-8601 today for a free consultation, and we’ll talk more about your unique situation and needs, to determine if there is an opportunity for us to work with you on your marketing materials!

– Dave Popkin, Partner

About pipartners

Events/Advertising/Marketing company.
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