QR Your Future

QR Codes have become an increasing trend and you see them everywhere – from flyers to pip website qr codebillboards to ads. QR Codes can be created to lead Palm or Pad users to any place on the web you desire. Typically used to direct users to a homepage, you can also have them open your donation page, order form, dial your phone number or even send a text or e-mail directly to your inbox! Here are some more ideas your business can try using:

  • Place a QR code on your business cards. Keep your information minimal, and if someone wants to find out more, they just scan the code! Convenient!
  • Promoting for an event? Or a fundraiser? Place a QR Code on your flyer or poster so people can scan it to find out more information or sign up for the event.
  • Giving out T-shirts? Place a QR Code on the shirt! If people wish to find out more about your company, all they have to do is scan the code on their shirt to be directed to your website!
  • Raising funds? Add a QR Code to a banner or sign so people can scan it to make a donation – fast and easy!

QR Codes are effective because they are an opportunity to get “techies” to “act now” or connect instantly.

We can help you create QR codes to suit your needs. Just give us a call at (201)-939-8601. As always, consultations at Positive Impact Partners are FREE!

–       Linda Ly, Marketing Associate

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