How ‘Green’ is Your Future?

Go Green in your marketingMany companies and organizations today are working Ecology into their offerings. “Green” is hot – people who are ecologically conscious will purchase a ‘green’ product, attend a ‘green’ event, or be more willing to work with a ‘green’ organization over other options.

In ‘green’ marketing the principles of marketing are the same: Know your customer, and create strategies to get to that customer.

But let’s rate the public on a ‘green’ scale:

Forest Green Customers – They consist of about 19% of the population in the US, and these Foresters will buy ‘green’ products simply because they believe in the conservation factor. No matter how much it costs, these folks are naturally drawn to ‘green’ events, products and services, and will place them higher on their priority list than the rest of the population. They are proud of their green-ness. And when they find a good green product or service, they tout it.

Kelly Green Customers – Consisting of about 32% of the population in the US, the Kellies will buy ‘green’ products or be drawn to ‘green’ only if it makes sense on all levels. Cost, availability, and ecological impact are all factors they will consider before going ‘green.’ They take their ecology on a ‘what’s in it for me’ level.

Lime Green Customers – Now about 59% of the US population, Limeys would consider price only when considering ‘going green.’ They don’t care about the environment very much. If the price is the same or less for a ‘green’ product or service, they’ll give it a try (and then brag about their environmentally-conscious purchase!) If it costs more, they’ll stick with what they know.

So to sell more product, service, or to expand attendance at an event, make it GREEN! At PIP we can help you advertise and market that your organization or company has ‘Gone Green.’ Just give us a shout at 201-939-8601!

– Danielle Fry, Director of Creative Services


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