What’s in Your Web Site?

Internet Marketing ServicesHaving a web site has become an essential piece of the marketing mix. If you already have a web site, it is important to consider how effective your web site is for your customer base. Here are a few tips about how to make an engaging web site that will satisfy current customers while attracting and informing potential customers:

  1. An informative yet eye-catching home page – experts say that the average consumer only spends about 8 seconds on a web site before deciding on whether to stay on the page or leave. Catch their eye with an interesting masthead or main photo, and include a brief overview of what you do.
  2. Utility over design – while many think that the importance of the web site is its beauty and design, consumers appreciate a web site that has useful content and that they can easily navigate.
  3. Concise writing, not text-rich pages – many companies think it is best to have web sites full of text to increase the chances that their page will appear on a search engine, but consumers visiting the site will appreciate writing that is simple and to the point.

Designing a web site with these qualities is a long process and may seem daunting. That is why Positive Impact Partners is here to help! We have the expertise to take care of all your web site needs. We specialize in creating and promoting web sites that are easily searchable, engaging for viewers, clearly communicates your brand image, and are easy to navigate. Call us today for your FREE consultation at 201-939-8601!

– Michelle Tracy, Marketing Associate


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