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Why Outsource Your Marketing

While outsourced marketing is not a new idea, it provides many benefits for companies looking to change up their marketing plan, expand their reach, build brand awareness, increase sales quality, or put on more company and community events. Outsourcing your … Continue reading

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Are You Publicizing Your Infographics?

Infographics are visual presentations intended to communicate complex information quickly and clearly. The devices include charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps and lists. The basic material of an Infographic is the data, information, or knowledge that the graphic presents. Need some … Continue reading

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Email Marketing: Etiquette is Key

When creating an email marketing campaign, it is important to stick to some key etiquette guidelines: Stay away from spamming. Don’t send mail to people you don’t know, or who haven’t requested it. Their email service will filter out emails … Continue reading

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What is Your Restaurant Web Site Doing to Feed It’s Visitors?

Restaurant web sites are notoriously the worst to navigate. Contact information is hard to find, if it’s there at all, the text and images rarely paint a true vision of the establishment, and where’s the menu? Most restaurants have unsuccessfully … Continue reading

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10 questions to ask yourself about your web site:

Does it capture a visitor’s attention in less than 10 seconds? (ask someone you know to comment)   Does my home page paint a clear picture of what I do and the services that I offer? Is my site visually … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for Your Trade Show?

Smart companies will get prepared 3 months in advance for their trade show presentations. Six weeks prior you should send a ‘save the date’ postcard, listing where, when and booth location. Three weeks prior an email should go out to … Continue reading

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