10 questions to ask yourself about your web site:

  1. Does it capture a visitor’s attention in less than 10 seconds? (ask someone you know to comment)  time to change
  2. Does my home page paint a clear picture of what I do and the services that I offer?
  3. Is my site visually appealing to my ideal client base?
  4. Is my phone number displayed large enough to find in seconds, on every page?
  5. Is there a way for people to subscribe to your newsletter?
  6. Is your current site user-friendly, so that someone who is new to the Internet would understand how to navigate it?
  7. Are there spelling, grammar or punctuation errors on my pages?
  8. Does my site work on all browsers and all mobile phones?
  9. Do the links on my site all work properly and take visitors to the places that I need them to go?
  10. Do my pictures load quickly?

If you can’t answer “YES” to 9 out of 10 questions, then you probably need to re-think your current site.
Let PIP rebuild your web site! Consultations are free.  201-939-8601.

About pipartners

Events/Advertising/Marketing company.
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