What is Your Restaurant Web Site Doing to Feed It’s Visitors?

Restaurant web sites are notoriously the worst to navigate. Contact information is hard to find, if it’s there at all, the text and images rarely paint a true vision of the establishment,restaurant web sites and where’s the menu?

Most restaurants have unsuccessfully tried to build their own sites, or worse, had their 8th grade niece or cousin build it. Then it turns out looking like a high school yearbook or a family photo album.

What you must remember is why people are there in the first place! People go to restaurant sites to get the information about the restaurants menu, where the establishment is located, how to get there and how to make reservations. If you don’t think about the end user (the consumer), your web site is no more than an online paperweight.

So, if you’re looking to build a restaurant web site, here’s what you need, in order of importance:

    1. It must be mobile friendly! So many people decide on restaurants spur of the moment, like when they are out shopping. If your site isn’t easy to use on a palm device or phone, you’re losing customers.
    2. The first page must contain your menu/specials/happy hour/wine list. And make sure it is all in real text … no flash or pdf’s to download!
    3. There must be a vehicle by which the visitor can make reservations.
    4. Contact information, ON THE TOP OF EVERY PAGE!
    5. Pictures of food at a good size. Not pictures of people ­– with your food barely visible. Have a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER take your pictures!
    6. Information, pictures, etc. of the restaurant in general. Make it personal with pics of the Chef(s), owner(s) or maître d’s.

Obviously, you or your teenage relatives are not capable of making a web site of this caliber . . .  so . . . why not call us? Consultations are free! Positive Impact Partners, East Rutherford NJ, 201-939-8601

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