Email Marketing: Etiquette is Key

When creating an email marketing campaign, it is important to stick to some key Email Etiquetteetiquette guidelines:

  1. Stay away from spamming. Don’t send mail to people you don’t know, or who haven’t requested it. Their email service will filter out emails that use spam trigger words in the subject line. At Positive Impact Partners, we will design an email campaign with the necessary amount of periodic emails. We also know which words and phrases to avoid so that your message will go to the customers’ inboxes and not their spam folders!
  2. keep it personal. If a recipient of your marketing message replies with a question or a request for more information, respond promptly. Using their name and responding to their inquiry specifically, rather than using an automated reply that can apply to a majority of the questions received, will make a difference in the way potential customers will feel about your interaction.
  3. Proofreading. We will not click “send” until we are sure that your message is free of spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and broken links. If a recipient comes across any errors, they may filter out your company’s message and/or have a negative impression of the business in the future. 
  4. Respect customers’ privacy. Have you ever received a message that did not apply to you and your interests, or for one reason or another you wished you hadn’t been on the receiving end? At PIP we put ourselves in the email recipients’ shoes – we respect the people receiving emails by making sure we have consent to be emailing them and also including an “unsubscribe” option in emails should they wish to opt-out of them.

At PIP, we can manage your email marketing campaign and will ensure it is successful by sticking to these guidelines.

Call us at 201-939-8601 for your free consultation!

— Michelle Tracy, Marketing Associate

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