Clutter is Not Better!

When thinking about the elements you want to place into your marketing pieces, be it on the web or in print, think minimal. Cluttered brochures and web sites are a turnoff to your audience. They don’t want to take the time to sort out all of that information to find the main point. In addition, they’ll see you as an unfocused or confusing company.

Run away from multi-color boxes and the images. Leaving white space on a page will cause the readers eye to focus on the important elements in a page – allowing the reader to jump right to the key points. If a page is too cluttered, the reader doesn’t know what to look at first, and you run the risk of your message getting lost.

At PIP, we are experts at making you look good on paper or on the Internet. Why not trust your marketing pieces, ads or publicity to us? Call us today for more information. 201-939-8601. 

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    • pipartners says:

      Thanks Xuyen! For future reference, when you repost, be sure that the link specifies that it be opened in a new browser window. This allow readers to stay on their original page while still reading yours!

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