Email Drives 16 times More Traffic than SMM!

Although social media referral traffic is strong, Email is still the top traffic producer.

How many times do you check your email per week? 7 times? 14 times? 21 times? So, you’re in your email account at least once a day. Most people are checking email on their email success ratescell phones on an ongoing basis today. That means 24/7 emails streaming into a palm device or pad!

So there’s your proof. Email marketing essentially gets more attention than social media! People have to see your emails as they come in. That’s DIRECT EXPOSURE. Similar to direct mail that comes to your house, it’s in you face the moment you open the envelope.

At PIP we can develop email campaigns for you that will be richly key-worded, attractively designed (custom, of course) and properly written.

Why not phone us today for a free consultation on your Email marketing needs! 201-939-8601.

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