Are You Guilty of Being an OverPoster?

Be it important to get your messages into social media, if you post too frequently your followers can “unlike” or “unfollow” you. It is important to know what time, what day and how frequently to post – to keep your followers engaged.

Several times a day is a huge no-no. Surely your followers and “likers” will become angry and go away! Take a look at your market – i.e. are you trying to reach doctors, lawyers, consumers, teens, seniors, CEOs, etc.? When do you think they might be logged into social media? What day, what hour?

Don’t post just for the sake of it. Tailor your postings to your target audience. For instance, we here at PIP target small-to-medium businesses, non-profits, professionals, etc. So our posts are targeted, focused, and placed at a time when those types of people may be surfing!

Social media posting is surely a time-eater. Without the staff, softwares and data resources we have at our disposal, we’d be as hard-pressed to find time to ‘socialize’ this way even for ourselves. It can be a tedious process for you.  So why not call us for a free consultation on your social media needs? We can do that for you so you can go about doing what you need to do — manage your business, practice or organization.

We’re a phone call away – 201-939-8601 – Positive Impact Partners. We’re on Your Team!


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