HashTag_4webHash Tags. Used to search a certain topic throughout a social media site. Currently overused and misused by . . . everyone. Yep, everyone.

Don’t get us wrong – Hash Tags are useful – when used appropriately. But do your Hash Tags bring you interaction with your viewers/readers? If not, think about why you need to use them.

Inexperienced social media posters will use Hash Tags thinking that the symbol/phrase will allow them to show up on every social media site within the character limit. Not so! You’d have to post the same Hash Tags in all your social media venues. Lotsa repetitive work for little or no response!

Would you like to engage your demographic? Then get folks talking about you. Meaningless promotions, undirected promotions, impersonal promotions are like dust bunnies. You know they are there under the furniture, but you’re too lazy to pick them up. After all, you’re not having company today. So you move on and do something else. Likewise your followers.

We can improve your social media reputation and get your followers to trust you enough to engage, contact you, buy from you. Call us for a free consultation!  201-939-8601. Positive Impact Partners, We’re on Your Team!


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