It’s Snowing!

Yes, it’s snowing on our blog pages, but, what happens on a day when you are stuck at home due to a heavy snow storm and can’t get to the office? What do you do?

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 3.26.38 PMWhile some folks would plop themselves in front of the TV for the day, true entreprenuerial spirits get to work! Here are some things you can do at home or in front of the fire to get a head start when you get back to the office:

• Write some blogs (lol) for future posting
• Surf Facebook or LinkedIn for some new connections
• Learn something new on
• Download those Ipad apps that will keep you organized and learn how to use them
• Read those PDFs you’ve been saving for a rainy day
• Lay out a marketing plan for next year for your business

We could go on forever, snowy days are great days to catch up. You don’t need to watch that soap opera, anyway, right?

To implement that marketing plan, start an email campaign or revamp your web site, give us a call (when it stops snowing) for a free consultation! The hot chocolate’s on us! Positive Impact Partners 201-839-8601.


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