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Don’t leave your important, income-generating work to amateurs.

A non-working design fails, no matter how pretty. No matter how visually appealing your web site or brochure is, if there are spelling or grammar errors, you will be deemed inept by the reader! Mistakes happen, of course, even with … Continue reading

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Ol’ MacDonald had a Plan … I.E.E.O.

The layout and design of your newsletter, print or electronic must be visually engaging, but the information you deliver is equally important. Effective messaging “interrupts” and engages the prospect, educates and offers additional information to facilitate decision-making, and lowers the … Continue reading

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Email Marketing – Always Write for Each Audience

Here is where most companies miss the mark: they assume all their E-news subscribers will be interested in all kinds of news. Realistically, your subscribers are subscribing to your E-news because there’s something for them to glean in there. Some … Continue reading

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Five Things NOT TO DO When E-Marketing

One thing everyone dislikes is a ‘bait-and-switch” tactic in electronic communications. I’m sure we’ve all gotten SPAM emails that have one subject line but produce a totally different message. Or no message at all. Here are five tips to eliminate … Continue reading

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