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Tips and posts on designing your marketing collaterals.

SFIC Hoops Event Goes Well for All

We are proud to have been able to execute the 2014 Basketball Festival for the Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children once again this year. We ran the even start to finish and provided all marketing and colaterals. We also … Continue reading

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Do You Have Analysis Paralysis?

If you are constantly adjusting your ads, direct mail or other graphic pieces and spending hours moving elements of the ads here and there … STOP! You are certainly in Analysis Paralysis. Either hire a graphic designer or ad agency … Continue reading

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Clutter is Not Better!

When thinking about the elements you want to place into your marketing pieces, be it on the web or in print, think minimal. Cluttered brochures and web sites are a turnoff to your audience. They don’t want to take the … Continue reading

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Is Your Business Card a Wow-er?

Besides your business card being your mini-billboard, does your card bring about a second look? Do folks immediately ‘get’ what your business is about? Do they smile widely when glancing at your card, or grab it for a better examination? … Continue reading

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Are You Publicizing Your Infographics?

Infographics are visual presentations intended to communicate complex information quickly and clearly. The devices include charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps and lists. The basic material of an Infographic is the data, information, or knowledge that the graphic presents. Need some … Continue reading

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What is Your Restaurant Web Site Doing to Feed It’s Visitors?

Restaurant web sites are notoriously the worst to navigate. Contact information is hard to find, if it’s there at all, the text and images rarely paint a true vision of the establishment, and where’s the menu? Most restaurants have unsuccessfully … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for Your Trade Show?

Smart companies will get prepared 3 months in advance for their trade show presentations. Six weeks prior you should send a ‘save the date’ postcard, listing where, when and booth location. Three weeks prior an email should go out to … Continue reading

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