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How ‘Green’ is Your Future?

Many companies and organizations today are working Ecology into their offerings. “Green” is hot – people who are ecologically conscious will purchase a ‘green’ product, attend a ‘green’ event, or be more willing to work with a ‘green’ organization over … Continue reading

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How Non-Profits Began

Did you know that until 1775 there were no official non-profit organizations in America? In the 1600s charity began at home as well as within communities and neighborhoods. Until The (American) Revolution, communities relied on the local churches to provide … Continue reading

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Put On Those Pounds!

Have you ever wondered why paper is rated by pounds? Or what is the difference between 80# stock and 100# stock? It’s tension. How may pounds of tension will the paper withstand. The thicker the paper, of course, the more … Continue reading

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To Join the Gang or Not to Join

Have you ever wondered how those online printing companies can offer such low prices? It’s called “ganging.” These companies have huge room-size print machines that can take paper a room wide. What they do is put your job, plus jobs … Continue reading

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