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YouTube is for You Too!

YouTube, once only a video sharing platform, has now become the most popular place folks go to as a search engine! Yes, as a search engine! People search YouTube for all types of services, local businesses and information. YouTube videos … Continue reading

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LinkedIn referral traffic is 16X higher for B2B companies than Facebook. Yes, if you are a B2B company, LinkedIn is your playground for connections, referrals and social media advertising. And, it’s FREE! However, TLC is necessary when posting on LinkedIn. … Continue reading

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Email Drives 16 times More Traffic than SMM!

Although social media referral traffic is strong, Email is still the top traffic producer. How many times do you check your email per week? 7 times? 14 times? 21 times? So, you’re in your email account at least once a … Continue reading

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Who, What, When, Where, Why … and … How?

The talents and technologies required to put together a good email blast may or may not be part of your education up until today. What most folks don’t consider when starting an email campaign is: WHY am I sending this email? … Continue reading

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Is Your Business Card a Wow-er?

Besides your business card being your mini-billboard, does your card bring about a second look? Do folks immediately ‘get’ what your business is about? Do they smile widely when glancing at your card, or grab it for a better examination? … Continue reading

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Facebook: Now What do I Do?

So, you’ve taken the first step into social media marketing and made your company a Facebook fan page. Congratulations! The work does not stop there, however. Now you are burdened forever with writing, photographing and posting! And what should you … Continue reading

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Why Outsource Your Marketing

While outsourced marketing is not a new idea, it provides many benefits for companies looking to change up their marketing plan, expand their reach, build brand awareness, increase sales quality, or put on more company and community events. Outsourcing your … Continue reading

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